why concrete?

Many people are familiar with concrete as a material from the construction industry. Few, however, know that concrete can also be used to make high-quality furniture and decorative elements.


The gray, ugly appearance of the 60s prefabricated buildings has long been a thing of the past. Today, the three basic ingredients cement, water and gravel can be used to produce high-quality, stable and individually designed products. Concrete looks particularly good in combination with other materials such as wood and stainless steel.


Concrete is vibrant and stable and, when properly cared for, still looks high-quality and elegant decades later.


The most beautiful thing about concrete is its versatility. When designing your product, you can influence how your product will look like. Various parameters such as color, shape, surface texture and weight can be influenced.


It is very important to distinguish between concrete and concrete look. My concrete products are 100% cast from concrete, whereas concrete-look products often only have a concrete-like visible surface. For example, wooden panels are filled with a special plaster and sanded, so that the final product looks similar to concrete, but is not as high quality and durable finish.


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