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Our portfolio in the field of outdoor furniture is now also no longer small. Whether fire table, patio table with fire rail or simply a large garden table. 


The FireTable from ingrau is a real eye-catcher and provides cozy warm evenings when the sun loses its power. The FireTable consists of a gas built-in burner of a concrete tabletop and a frame made of stainless steel V2A.

There are two versions of the table:

- 77 cm x 77 cm x 53 cm with a 32 cm x 32 cm gas insert.

- 117 cm x 77 cm x 53 cm with a 60 cm x 30 cm gas insert.

The concrete top comes in three color options: Gray as well as two shades of anthracite. 

The 32 cm x 32 cm built-in burner has an output of 10.5 kW, while the 60 cm x 30 cm built-in burner has an output of 16 kW. The built-in burners are made of stainless steel. They run on propane gas and with a 5kg gas bottle, it can burn for 8 to 12 hours - depending on how high you set the fire. The built-in burners are CE marked and have an identification number. This means that the burners fit all European safety standards, health and environmental requirements and you can enjoy your built-in burner without worry. 

Special features: Suitable for either outdoor use or under a roof with at least one side open. Concrete slab is sealed with a special impregnation. The concrete slab should not be cleaned with a scouring pad or sharp cleaner. Contaminants should be cleaned quickly on a concrete surface despite impregnation.




In collaboration with an outdoor kitchen builder, we have produced the countertops for an outdoor grill.


I think this outdoor grill / kitchen can really be seen!


This picture was taken at a barbecue fair.

Below you can see more outdoor furniture. If you are interested just contact us.



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