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Our portfolio in the field of outdoor furniture is now also no longer small. Whether fire table, patio table with fire rail or simply a large garden table. 



The FireTable from in|grau is a real eye-catcher and provides cozy warm evenings when the sun loses its power.


Create choice...

We offer our FireTable in three variations and three different colors. Available as FireTable Square, FireTable Rectangle as well as FireTable Square-Gen2.


The FireTable dimensions:

• FireTable 117/77 Rectangle - 77 x 117 x 53 cm with 60 x 30cm built-in burner

• FireTable 77/77 Square - 77 x 77 x 53 cm with 32 x 32 cm built-in burner

• FireTable 90/90 Square-Gen2 - 90 x 90 x 54 cm with 32 x 32 cm built-in burner and optional with safety glass


The FireTable colors:

• Concrete gray

• Anthracite light

• Dark anthracite


The FireTable prices:

• FireTable 117/77 Rectangle - 1500€ incl. VAT incl. shipping

• FireTable 77/77 Square - 1250€ incl. VAT and shipping

• FireTable 90/90 Square-Gen2 - 2500€ incl. VAT incl. shipping without safety glas

 • FireTable 90/90 Square-Gen2 - 2624,95€ incl. VAT incl. shipping with safety glas


Technical information built-in burner:

The 32 x 32 cm built-in burner has an output of 10.5 kW, the 60 x30 cm built-in burner has an output of 16 kW. They run on propane gas and can operate for 8-12 hours at a time, depending on gas consumption. Each built-in burner is CE-marked. Thus, all European requirements in terms of safety, health and environment are met here.


Special features:

Suitable for either outdoor use or under a roof with at least one side open. Concrete visible surfaces are sealed with a special impregnation. Concrete visible surfaces must not be cleaned with a scouring pad or sharp cleaner. Contaminants should be cleaned quickly on a concrete surface despite impregnation.







In collaboration with an outdoor kitchen builder, we have produced the countertops for an outdoor grill.


I think this outdoor grill / kitchen can really be seen!


These pictures were taken at a barbecue fair.






Here are more outdoor kitchens with worktops from in|grau, which are also available in our shop.

Below you can see more outdoor furniture. If you are interested just contact us.



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