Images / inspirations


Here you can see some workpieces that are created by hand and with much love.

Any ideas or wishes on your part can be planned and implemented together.

Look at the pictures below to possibly get a little inspiration.

Each workpiece which you can discover on the pictures, can also be easily

be made and ordered on request.


Have fun browsing



Concrete kitchen countertop


In the meantime, we have been allowed to produce several kitchen countertops made of concrete. Our kitchen countertops have all been implemented individually per customer and kitchen.


If you are interested in a concrete kitchen countertop, please contact us and we will plan the implementation together.




Customer wishes / Eye catcher

You need an eye-catcher or something special made of concrete? 


Here, for example, a reception counter was built for the INDIGO Hotel in Berlin. 


To keep a common thread, another side element was combined with a large wooden table. 


I think these combinations are something to behold.



Washbasin and bathroom 

Would you like to try something new? Or do you already have tiles that match the concrete look? Then you should also think about an individually customized concrete sink. Whether in the bathroom, in the laundry room or as a small eye-catcher in the garage.



Customer wishes / Niessing Jewelry 

For our customer Niessing Jewelry manufactory we made base plates of concrete with logo for presentation purposes in glass showcases. These base plates are for example in the Niessing stores in Japan. We think this is a very good way to present the history of goldsmithing as well as the presentation of the jewelry.



Children's room / name plates

Want to have something special for the little ones, then look at the beautiful concrete names. Such a thing you do not see every day in the children's rooms. Concrete names in combination with beautiful wood or other materials as desired.



Decoration / Promotional Gifts / trifles

If you need or want to give something else as a decoration, giveaway or small gift, maybe these pretty little things would be something for you.




On this photo you can see for example a nice ambience with a small side table, a coffee table, which combined of wooden legs and a concrete top will fit wonderfully in rustic rooms and a gears table, which was made individually for a customer with a glass top and a metal stand.

You can see here that the material concrete can be combined so flexibly with other materials such as wood or metal that there are no limits to your ideas. 




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